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    If you find yourself accused of a violation of criminal law in California, reach out to the California Law Firm. Our proficient, accomplished San Francisco Criminal Lawyer are prepared to help you, at any time of the day and night. Breaking a criminal law within the state of California can have a severe impact on your future. Have faith in the criminal lawyers of California Law Firm to save you from the perils of violating California criminal law.

    San Francisco Criminal LawyerYou can be confident in knowing that when you select our criminal lawyers, you need not pay up front for our legal services. You will be entitled to a free consultation with one of our criminal attorneys at a time and day that suits you, in person or by phone. Our clients are always surprised and gratified to learn that the San Francisco criminal defense lawyers making up our firm provide competitive prices, especially when matched against other criminal defense attorneys in the San Francisco, CA area.

    Please touch base with one of our certified San Francisco Criminal Lawyer as soon as you have received a notice of violation of California criminal law. Doing so will ensure that we can help you as quickly as possible, assisting you in avoiding enormous fines or excessive incarceration time. Having a competent San Francisco criminal defense attorney from our firm on your side can help to guarantee that your criminal case will be resolved efficiently and rapidly. You need not worry about spending all of your money on your defense, either, as we offer quite competitive rates, backed up by the positive reviews of our clients. In case you would like to finance your criminal legal expenses, we offer convenient installment payment plans.

    California Law Firm Is Ready to Assist You

    California Law Firm’s criminal defense attorneys know that you have numerous law firms from which to choose when you are deciding upon a criminal defense lawyer in San Francisco. We think you should select us, as we are the best in the business. More reasons why you should choose California Law Firm include:

    The overwhelmingly positive reviews we have received from former clients.
    Our rating of A+ from the Better Business Bureau (their best possible rating).
    We offer competitive fees and convenient payment plans.
    Our availability to meet or speak with you every day of the week, any time of the day. This includes weekends and evenings!
    Our handy, accessible locations throughout the state of California.
    Our offer of a free consultation when you initially meet with a member from our criminal defense firm.
    San Francisco Criminal Lawyer

    Classes of Crimes We Handle

    Our First Meeting With You

    The system of criminal justice in California can seem scary and unnavigable if it is your first time experiencing its labyrinth. The competent, capable and seasoned San Francisco criminal defense lawyers making up California Law Firm are prepared and waiting to help you defend your case.The best preparation for our first meeting with you includes doing the following:

    Amass Your Accounts

    Gather all accounts, records and documentation that you have received regarding your criminal charge. Of particular significance is anything that California’s court system mailed, sent or had delivered to you. , Bring all of these accounts with you to your first free meeting with a San Francisco criminal defense lawyer. Never leave anything out – bring everything with you, whether or not you think it’s meaningful or pertinent. Let us decide what is necessary, but transport it all with you to our meeting.

    Describe Your Circumstances

    Before meeting with one of our California criminal attorneys, gather your thoughts and write them down. Include everything that’s happened since you were criminally charged. We want to know all of the details – such as dates, names, and places involved. Write down all of the information you have received from the justice system, law enforcement officers, and anyone else. We can better help you the more we know about your case’s specifics.

    Name Witnesses

    If you know of persons who could possibly have witnessed the crime that allegedly took place and can assist in defending you, let us know. If you know someone who can give you an alibi covering the date and time the crime allegedly occurred, let us know. If you know someone who can demonstrate, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the charges that you have been brought up on are invalid, definitely let us know. We will need the names and contact details for all of these people. Bring this information to your initial meeting with one of our San Francisco criminal defense lawyers.

    What to Ask Your San Francisco Criminal Defense Attorney

    Document any questions that you may wish to pose to your California criminal defense lawyer before your free initial meeting with them. Perhaps you want to know things about your lawyer’s background, your criminal case, or the justice system in California, like:

    • Could the charges against me be dismissed?
    • What will happen in the event that I am found guilty?
    • Is probation a possibility in my case?
    • Will my case be tried in front of a judge or a jury?
    • If I am convicted, how long will my conviction stay on my record?

    Inquiries about your San Francisco criminal defense attorney’s background you might have could include:

    • What do you know about the crime I’ve been charged with?
    • Can I really contact you any time of the day, any day of the week?
    • Where did you go to college or university?
    • Do you have any experience in out of court settlements of cases like mine?
    • How many years have you practiced criminal defense?
    • How many years have your practiced in California?
    • Have you worked in other areas of the law besides criminal defense?

    After your free initial meeting with one of our San Francisco criminal defense lawyers, we think that you’ll be ready to choose our law firm to assist you. You should leave our meeting knowing you can always count on California Law Firm to be by your side throughout the duration of your criminal case. Our criminal defense attorneys will strive to achieve the greatest outcome in your criminal case.

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