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Incarceration Trends in California- San Francisco Criminal Defense Lawyer

Incarceration Trends in California

Incarceration Trends in California According to the Prison Policy Initiative, as of 2018, 239,000 Californians are incarcerated in various kinds of facilities across the state. These include 131,000 in state prisons, 82,000 in local jails, 16,000 in federal prisons, 6700 in youth facilities, and 3600 on involuntary commitment. Each year, more than 368,000 people are […]
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implied consent law in california

Implied Consent Law in California

Implied Consent Law in California When you choose to drive in the state of California, many laws automatically apply. If you are arrested for DUI (Driving Under the Influence), California’s implied consent laws will come into play. Implied consent is a kind of legal consent which, although not expressed by a person, is inferred from […]
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